RDS Division (Recycling and Drying Systems)

RDS, originally branded as ERS (Environmental Recycling Systems), is based on technology from JET Co. (a Japanese company) and manufactured in China. The RDS system has international patents covering the process and equipment as well as unique microbial certifications. The process treats organic wastes, and transforms them into environmentally safe products that are not only good for the environment but also provide a revenue stream, eliminating the costs normally associated with disposal and/or treatment. RDS provides this without any harmful emissions or odors and no secondary pollution. The RDS Processing System has received critical acclaim from around the world.

Product Details

What exactly does RDS do?

In very simplistic terms, the RDS System turns organic waste into environmentally safe fertilizers, bio-hazard free animal feed, or biofuel depending on the type of material input. Our proven treatment process ensures that there are no unwanted emissions or smells that result from processing the waste. The underlying process of the RDS System is the use of special microbes collected from soil for the fermentation and drying process. Specific microbes, retrieved from soil that is local to the site, are utilized for the fermentation and drying process. Three specific types of microbes are utilized and samples are on deposit at the IPOD (International Depositary Authority) in Japan, for patent purposes.

No chemicals are used during processing and once up and running, additional microbes are never required.

Typical applications for the RDS System are described in detail on the Applications page.

Comparison with conventional process

The RDS System is unique in that no pre-processing is ever required. Whole cattle, hogs, deer, other animals, or organic waste goes directly into the system, and immediately begins conversion. Capital Investment and overhead is much lower than conventional processes currently used, and energy consumption is significantly lower as well. A detailed comparison chart is presented below.

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